Shiny New Website – easier to book an Osteopathy appointment online!

Have you taken a tour around the newly updated Beds Osteopathy website? The lovely Evelyn from Lutterodt Web Design has worked very hard to move my clunky old website into the 21st Century, and it looks great. Evelyn and I run with the same running club, Stopsley Striders. We both have a mutual love of parkrun to marathon running, especially overseas races so our run chats can be quite imaginative!

Evelyn is a bit of a local running celebrity within the local area. To date she has run everyday for 1548 days…extremely impressive I think you’ll agree! You can read all about her running adventures on her blog

We both have a mutual love of the colour purple, so you can imagine my excitement when I told Evelyn I had bought a purple running buggy when I was pregnant with my daughter Ivy last year. We can’t wait for Evelyn to take Ivy for a spin in the purple buggy around Luton Parkrun when the restrictions are lifted later this year…not least so I can have a go at a better time without the added resistance he he!

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  1. How lovely to hear from you and see you smiley faces Carly!
    MANY congratulations on your beautiful daughter so sorry not been in touch. Hope all is well. Love to you all. Welcome to mummydom! I’m sure having been on ‘the other side’ of things will help you in your practice more and more.

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