What will happen at my first appointment?

You will be asked questions about your current problem, as well as questions about your full medical history, occupation and lifestyle, previous injuries, etc. If you have had any previous x-rays, scans or blood tests, it can be helpful if you bring copies of the reports with you, which can usually be obtained from your GP surgery or directly from the imaging centre.

You will then be examined by myself, so please come dressed in something you are comfortable being examined in. Shorts/vest top/well fitting underwear/loose trousers are usually fine, and I will always provide towels to cover you up while you are being examined and treated.

How long does the appointment last?

The initial consultation and treatment lasts approximately 1 hour.

Follow up appointments last approximately 30-40 minutes. This is to allow enough time for the consultation, treatment and exercises to be done in a relaxed, unhurried way. It is very important to me that you feel you get the time and understanding you deserve without feeling like you are on a treatment conveyor belt!